Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I think Microsoft, but especially Sony, are missing the point entirely

Aren't games, ultimately, about fun?

Yet the focus of the past nth generation of systems has been on essentially the enhancement of mainly 3d graphical capabilities, only.

Some of the games I grew up with were classics and extremely fun because they had great artistic direction, yet left enough to the imagination, and above all, great, and not overly-complex for the sake of being complex.

I suppose having more power is nice: a lot more processing capability is required for High Definition resolutions, but come on now. I suppose a lot more people will get HDTV's perhaps after buying them, who knows. I figure if you can spend $699 CND on a PS3, you can probably afford atleast a $1500 42" HD plasma.

Nintendo seems to be on the right direction, I want, atleast: make the graphics a bit better, but concentrate on the gameplay.


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