Saturday, December 15, 2007

Work XMAS party

So, at work on Friday I wa bitching at the 3 other new guys, since they weren't coming to the XMAS party. I'm like, damnit, don't leave me to sit with Rick (the older excentric engineer who sits across from me.)

After slowly talking Dani into coming with me; we were a bit late because of the god awful border, but in time for the food! :) Carlos welcomed me to sit at his table with Jerry (the other manager, funny guy), another tech, and.. not Rick, but Rick Jr.

Good times all round; after 4 drinks and Dani's suggestion, I danced to Stevie Wonder's classic wedding/party tune.

I shook hands with the VP of Link, and he's like "glad to have you here. HR gave me a lot of shit to get you hired on, but I told them, you work for me, not the other way around." Heh. :)

The other day at lunch, the other guy who was hired on around the same time as me, noted that he had to take his drug test before he was actually hired (a good sign, ofcourse, as they doubt they waste the money for someone they aren't strongly considering.)

Anyway... I told him it was good that he took the drug test then, and not after his trip to Amsterdam he left for the next day.

Amsterdam rules! :)


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