Thursday, May 17, 2007

On Dieting

A few months back Dani "enrolled" in the Dr. Bernstein Diet. I had been following it with her, but eating a bit more since I didn't get as much supplements (just taking a multivitamin.)

Well.. I somehow cut those cravings for carbs, don't use any more oils, etc, etc.

I lost ~40-50 lbs in 3 months. Dani lost more.

After going to the school doctor (what can I say.. I don't much care for my family doctor), she pointed out that losing that much weight fucks up your body chemistry and puts a lot of stress (even if you don't realize it at first) on your body.

This explains my sensitive mental state in the past few weeks. Lesson learned ;)

It wasn't just my imagination either: MIT researchers discovered carbs crank up serotonin.

Interesting... so eating carbs triggers serotonin production in your body (which in turns regulates mood and appetite.) So.. if your serotonin production is low, you could take a medication, or eat a lot more carbs.

Down in the dumps? Eat some pasta.