Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mac vs PC Parody: The Unspoken Message

Maddox, you cynical bastard.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Do you know where Concordia University is?

Well, during a discussion with my supervisor , he mentioned he was going to Concordia the rest of the week to attend a phd defense.

I asked him where that was... simple question, right, simple answer, I thought? I asked and he just kind of grumbled. Later, before I left his office, I asked him again out of curiosity and he said, "What are you, stupid ?".. pause (no he didn't say pause, though I bet the people who do the local A Channel news would read pause aloud) ..."It's in Montreal. Ask your Dad, I'm sure he'll know ".

At this point, I realized trying to get my supervisor to look over my results would be fruitless.

Well, I'm sorry, Jesus Christ, I didn't know where some stupid University in Quebec was. I don't even know them all in Ontario!

So, to test to see if my supervisor is really full of shit, I asked my fellow lab guys , "where's Concordia U?" - only 2 of 5 had any clue; only 1 answered correctly.

My supervisor picks bad students, aparently; 80 % of them are stupid.

Anyways, I asked my dad, and he had the answer on the tip of his tongue: he recognized the name from local sports competitions (Lancers) . My dad didn't know, thank god, else I'd really be in trouble. :)

Earlier my supervisor said " I don't know what I can do.. it's not like I can beat you". You know, I'm twice the weight of my supervisor, I bet... but I wouldn't want to try to fight him. Something tells me he knows Kung Fu or something. I know he was a champion ping pong player in China.

Earlier in the day I went to speak with him; he was busy talking to another of the guys in the lab, and he had this extremely disgruntled look on his face.

I thought to myself, as I think to myself now: this guy needs to smoke a joint, in a real bad way. I told the guys in the lab "I think he needs to relax I bit"... I'm sure they know what I meant :)

Monday, March 05, 2007


Dani asks me sometimes "how do you put up with your supervisor"?

Lately, I've been asking myself the same question.

I've kinda given up arguing with the guy; I can learn a lot from him, so I just bear with it and just agree with him to let the argument go. At that point, who was wrong or right in the conversation no longer matters; he's right in his mind, and I'm right in mine (or at least mostly right, there's always a shade of gray.)

Things are working out conveniently for me, actually; Since I don't think he's bothered to read my supplementary reports, some of which he's asked me to write, I've already obtained the experimental results for a "new" solution he wants me to implement after our discussion today . My gain there, as the work is already done :)

Anyway, the reason I can tolerate this guy is because I've dealt with much worse at Ford.

Like... my supervisor's supervisor at my last work term. It was impossible to reason with the guy at all, plus he had a major power trip attitude.