Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Capstone.. what I've learned so far

This capstone project has been fun.

I think the electrical engineering department has it right: you should have build a physical prototype.

The other departments (mechanical, civil, industrial), your project doesn't have to be (ie it can be theory/calculations/software simulation only.).
But then you don't experience all the fun of "implementation" issues.

Anyhoo, I've learned that:

a) Writing proposals such that you promise to get done the minimal amount is a good idea

b) Motorola microcontrollers, although used extensively for teaching purposes, are HORRIBLY designed. Must be those damn Japanese. The limitations we are having are mind boggling (for example, the timer system, you CANNOT reset the timer. Period. Essentially, something that should be realitively easily to implement in assembly becomes more difficult you have to work your way around it.

c) Then, according to b), in retrospect, full requirements for the timing algorithm should have been sketched out beforehand (ie. need to reset the timer), and then selecting the microcontroller based on that :)

d) And so the saying goes, if it works on paper/software, it don't mean shit. Really hits home ;)

e) The simplest idea is often the best. KISS :)

But hey.. that's what the project is for. So you get a feel for these things :)

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'm Lost in Lost!

Just watched all 25 episodes of "Lost"over the past few days on my new projector. Me and Dani were hooked :) If you can't find anything good to watch and have some spare time, I highly recommend downloading the season (easily found on Bit Torrent sites) and watch away!

I must say , it is an amazing TV show! Not since the first 2 seasons of 24 has a TV show captivated me so.

I only watch a moderate amount of TV.. Mostly CSI, Lost, Family Guy and Simpsons.
It's nice that there's still some awesome drama series being made among the load of stinking manure that is 90% of TV now a days (** COUGH** Reality TV.)

Can't wait for Season 2 of Lost this September!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Why the beard/ghoti

I was talking with Dani on how it must be wierd to not have to wear glasses anymore, something you get used to.

I realized that I've had this ghoti now for like over 4 years.

I told Dani that I couldn't just get rid of it anymore -- it's like a part of my personality.

I told her it makes me look intelligent, something to ponder with.

And then Dani pointed out ,as I was eating a Blizzard from DQ (expensive, but a nice treat once and a while), that my ghoti also acts as a filter for my sloppiness.

Spill a bit? It'll hit the beard before it gets on your shirt. So that's the ultimate reason a lot of men wear beards... I get it now. Heh :)