Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Drugs: interesting side effects

I've never really taken any medication (except for perhaps ibuprofen for pain once and a while); recently, I started new medication.

It has a lot of side effects; thankfully, none are too bad, and some even beneficial. My concentration (good), the amount I sweat (bad), how tired I get (bad), other body function "performance" (mostly good!), all effected by one tiny pill, besides it's main function.

Well, hopefully doctors are more well informed than they were back in the 60's and 70's. I bet they would have perscribed speed (kinda like in the movie, "Requiem for a Dream" or the Stone's song, "Mother's Little Helper".)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rock and Roll albums - a new experience, for me, atleast

With the advent of widespread broadband connections and the massively popular bittorrent file sharing system, file sharers could share larger and larger files, like movies, and larger collections (like albums.)

Wow, I still remember my first time on the internet: back long before there was widespread and inexpensive dialup, at a computer lab my cousin supervised at the University. Pages would load up at an extremely slow pace, perhaps both due to slow computers and limited connection (probably a t1 equivalent line split too many ways.) I got to check out live E3 pics on the web for the new "Nintendo 64" system with one of the first 3d platform games, "Mario 64".

Well, I thought of this today after having my computer extract 25 700 mb files at the same time. The computer was as long as mentioned above ;)


Previously, I had listened to music in almost exlusively 2 formats: radio and downloading mp3's (mostly off of what I liked from different bands on the radio).

I think I kinda got the album listening bug after Rice Lake '06: Floyd, Beatles, OLP, etc albums.

Well, I've been listening to some CD's lately, mostly of Aerosmith, the Stones, and the Beatles. Some songs, although not a 10/10 allstar song to stand on it's own, fit the album nicely. There's a whole different dynamic to the songs when they are are played in a particular order in a particular collection.

Oh, and if James, you happen to read this, could you recommend a few of the best OLP albums to start with?

Monday, September 25, 2006

Bush the devil?

I hate to make so many pseudo political posts, especially about Bush, but I can't help it: a lot of the news covers it :)

Anyway, the Venezuelan president dissed Bush and the US big time in a UN meeting the other day, going as far as calling him the Devil. Sure, there was a bit of giggling, but hey, making fun of Bush is a funny thing.

He also called for a reformation of the UN. I'd have to agree here - what's the point of having a United Nations if the US can just pretty much veto any decision? Sure, the US is the most powerful country in the world, but it shouldn't have that kind of power in the UN.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Should have invested in Blizzard stock before WoW came out

Some fans of WoW are so obsessed that on Tuesday afternoons when Blizzard's servers go down for maintenance, they meet in another virtual world to plan raids.

Let's see... 7 million users and growing, at $15 bucks a month..

Blizzard is making $100 million dollars a month on this game, automatically.. ;) Let alone the sales on their other older games and WoW itself.

Pretty good for a relatively small company.

Monday, September 18, 2006

"Terrorists you go to hell! You go to hell and you die! (To quote Mr. Garrison)"

I've heard tons of BS about terrorists. How it's the only way they can retaliate against the US, blah blah blah.

The allies don't ride their bikes down the local street, killing a few soldiers and taking all the women and children they can with them. I know that there are always civilian casualties of war, but come on people. Aim a bit, or plan better.

But, if anything I believe in, in this crazy world we live in , is Karma.

Hitler had it coming to him -- I like to think along the lines of the movie "Little Nicky", where Hitler gets an extra large pinapple shoved up his ass by Satan's goons every few hours.

That's the funny thing about Karma- these suicide bomber's are brainwashed to think that they are going to a land filled with everflowing bounty and virgins, but they're probably getting a similar situation as Hitler is enjoying.

Is it really worth watching new TV shows?

Sure, some sound interesting. After last season, like the show "Reunion" (which was exceptional) getting canned halfway through the season, I'm kinda bitter.

It's kinda sad when an original show like Reunion is canned, and umpteenth lame reality TV ripoff goes on strong.

Like 50-75% of new TV series are canned in the first season.

Religious Groups need to get over themselves

Oh, so the Pope the other day mentioned in some address (quoting someone else) on how the Prophet Muhammad basically brought more war to the world, and has since apologized for the remark. However, whether they like it or not, the message stings of the truth.

Still, some of the Muslim groups are still protesting. He was only quoting a text, and for the love of God, it's pretty much true anyway! (I think God is probably shaking his head too.)

Perhaps the Pope should just admit that Christianity hasn't historically been any better than the Muslims; they've both caused inumerable wars and fatalities. I would like that, a humble Pope. Somehow, I don't think so: this Pope seems very, very "conservative".

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Almost right out of an episode of Sienfeld- the case of the stolen pizza order

So, the other night me and Dani had my parents over for dinner at the new place. Called in an order at Napoli pizza, went to pick it up 20 minutes later.

Apparently, some guy, just a few minutes before I arrived, stole my order! When the lady asked if the pickup order, with my phone #, was for him, he said yes. I figure he came in, and instead of waiting 20 minutes for a placed order to be ready, he stole the pickup order to save himself some time. BASTARD.

Man, I wish I had got there a few minutes earlier, I would have had stern words with this shithead.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Why Bush is still president

It's brainwashed Christians like these, with such opinions as:

"I personally feel that homosexuality does not have a role in our society, therefore there is no right for homosexual in the first place anywhere in the world to be respected.Homosexuality is a curse and I think God will punish those who are engage this act, just as God reacted to the people of Sodom and Gomorroh in the Bible.
John Ernest Tokpah, Liberian in Minnesota, USA"

The older I get, and the more aware I become of the world, the more I realize organized religion, mostly particular sects of Muslims and Christianity, are a curse upon the world (I never hear of Buddhists causing any trouble.) . Why? Because actions that would otherwise not be taken are taken in the name of God, which is ridiculous. If you want to suicide bomb people, or declare a Jihad, or decriminate, do it because it's your own stupid foolish imperitive, or admit it's over a territorial dispute, or because you are a closeted homosexual yourself, not because God wants you to do it.

Sometimes I think it would be convenient if God actually worked like it's told in the Old Testament. All these Jihad idiots in the Middle East would be struck down with lightning. SWEET.

I've been reading "The Atlas of World History" lately, and I came to this conclusion: Israel is such a piddly fucking small little state. Why the fuss over it? Give it up Arabs, no one cares; the only reason the US cares is because of the damn oil. These countries are just making themselves look worse and worse to the International community.

Our new place; and I'm tired of being nice all the time! :)


Well, me and Dani are mostly moved in to our new appartment, the "Prince of Wales" appartment building on Ouellette near Tecumseh Rd. It's a little rustic, but for the price, I can't complain.

It's not overly huge, but has lots of big windows, good breeze, very comfy, we got to paint it to our own fitting. The colors before were horrid, the chick who lived there before had quite eclectic, to say it nicest, tastes: blue and purple ceilings, multi striped colored bedrooms, ugly grey for the living room/hallways, etc. Another plus is the great water pressure: taking showers is a pleasure since there's uber water pressure. There's also lots of big closets for storage.

I think I'll end up getting along better with my parents now that I don't live with them. :) It's nice to not have to fight for the bathroom too.


Well, two groups of people I'm pissed at:

My sister, although nice sometimes, is a spoiled brat more often than not. Let's see, she's gotten:
  • when she moved out because she was spoiled, all rent/utilities paid for her by my grandparents and dad.
  • Books paid for her schooling
  • $7 K for the Neon when she crashed it.
  • The list goes on and on and on...
There's nothing inherently wrong with the above actions; however, I never received equal treatment. I hope when I have kids someday I'd be more equal. It's always been "well Jenny was never good in school, feel bad for her, give her stuff". How can you do well in school when you never went, and never tried? :)

Well, the range unit I left downstairs (fridge/stove elements/sink) I discussed with her and my dad that she would buy it off of me. This is because 1) she'll be the one using it and 2) she can afford it a lot more than my parents. My mom could then buy it off of her when she moves out.
We agreed to this, and then this morning I hear from my mom that she wants my dad to pay for it instead. Well, her being uber spoiled ain't going to happen with my shit anymore, I'm tired of letting everything slide. She pays for it, or it gets sold in the paper. Dani was right, as always, she'd pull something like this. I try to approach situations as the nice guy, and it just backfires on me.

The other group is the uppity bitches at the fitness center next door. Yes, I understand the lot is for parking for clients only; however, they are the ones that put up additional cement blocks such that it's near impossible to get out of the back lot behind the appartment; plus it takes away a few of the spaces. The only place to park when I was moving with the Uhaul last Wednesday was in this back lot; we would have been there perhaps 20 minutes in total. Right away she came out and gave me and Dani's dad (who was helping me at the time) this real snobby attitude and told us to get off the lot. Her dad then goes on to call her a "fucking cunt" as she's walking away, loud enough that I think she heard it. I disagree; she was being a bit of a bitch, but not a cunt. Ahh, working on the line at the big 3 for 30 years definately gives you a trucker mouth, that's for sure.

Today I had the same problem: I just had to run into the appartment, the back lot behind the appartment was full (well, there'd be more space if they didn't put those damn cement blocks up.) So when I get back to my car, a fitness worker pulls out of her car and gives me this awful, snobby look and says "YOU know, this PARKING lot is for customers only. OHHHH, and if NEXT time you EVER park here again, try to AT LEAST park straight". That was the final straw. I told her "I think you forgot to take your PMS bitch pills this morning, lady". The look on her face was priceless. For the love of god, I was at perhaps a 5-10 degree offset, and was between both yellow lines. I doubt this bitch had ever seen real crooked parking before.

I'm tired of being the nice guy and letting everything slide off my shoulders; sometimes, you gotta stand up for yourself and send some flak back as well. I'm no Jesus; I can't always turn the other cheek.