Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Oh, sure, Blog's now replaced by Facebook

Yep... that's the fact folks. No one uses their blog's anymore. It's all about facebookin'.

Which I don't mind.. I like facebook :) I still don't check it enough, as my soon-to-be-wife Dani reminds me :)

Anyway, I'm still struggling to finish my Master's... but I've learned that I can't get down about things that are seemingly out of my control.

I sent my supervisor an email the other night, with a copy of the paper for the American Control Conference attached.. I also reminded him of the dates I'd be gone for my wedding / Honeymoon.

He said.. to my amazement .. "1 week isn't long enough for wedding/honeymoon". Gosh, for a guy so against everything I do, this was a pleasant surprise.

Too good to be true: later on during the Controls exam which we were proctoring, he said to me " I was going to say something else about your wedding, but I decided not to because you'd hate me for the rest of your life".

Good job buddy. Maybe I would have had to just sock you one this time :)

I don't know how Ali did it: a total of 7 years (2 master's/5 phd) under said supervision. I'll give it to him, he must have the patience of a saint.